P&Z to Revisit Orchard Station Subarea

P&Z will hold a study session on the Orchard Station Subarea on Tuesday, September 6. 
Please write letters with your concerns about school overcrowding, traffic congestion, high density residential and blocked views. 
Ask for the letters to be distributed to P&Z and City Council. Don’t assume previous letters regarding Orchard Station will be considered. 
Letters can be addressed to Heather Vidlock at hvidlock@greenwoodvillage.com. 

Orchard Station Part II

Thursday night Alberta presented a new proposal for Orchard Station that is 2.8 million square feet or 7-Times the size of the IKEA in Centennial.

They are proposing building just under 1,000 residential units. Can our schools support the increase in enrollment from high density housing when the schools are currently overcrowded and were built in the 1970’s to accommodate single family homes? Continue reading

Alberta’s New Proposal is 7-times the Size of Ikea

Thursday night on Cherry Creek School District’s back-to-school night, Alberta Development Partner’s presented its revised proposal for Orchard Station.

The new plan totals 2.8 million square feet, which is seven-times the square footage of the Ikea in Centennial.

Alberta Comparisons - 08-27-16

*Development data taken from Alberta Development Partners webiste.

The chart above shows that the new plan is still larger than any other previous project Alberta has completed.  Additionally, it is 1 million square feet larger than its next largest development, Southlands Mall in Aurora, which was built on 301 acres.  Orchard Station is proposed on a 24-acre site.  This makes Orchard Station 20 times the density of Southlands Mall on a SqFt/Acre basis.

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How big is Orchard Station relative to other Alberta projects?

Out of curiosity, I wanted to see how big Alberta’s proposed 3.3 million square foot Orchard Station Development is compared to other Alberta projects.  So, I pulled the data from Alberta’s website (http://albdev.com/great-places/) and made the following chart.

There is no other Alberta development that comes anywhere close to what they proposed for Orchard Station (including Streets of Southglenn, Southlands Mall or the Promenade at Castle Rock, which has already caused significant traffic issues).

Orchard Station at 24 acres is basically 10-times the density of the Streets of Southglenn and is 22-times the density of the Promenade at Castle Rock.

Alberta Comparisons

* These comparisons are exaserbated when excluding 7.5 acres of the 24 acre site proposed for a park.  These comparions are shown as Orchard Station w/o Park”.