Miklin, Schluter, Jones, Bishop and Gordon APPROVE Orchard Station Amendment. Special Election scheduled for June 6, 2017.

At last night’s city council meeting, after listening to a limited number of residents speak on the Orchard Station Comprehensive Plan amendment (the new revisions to the amendment were only released three-days earlier on Friday afternoon at 3:00 p.m.), city council members publicly stated their positions and ultimately, passed the ordinance by a vote of 5-3. Click here to read the redline version of the revised Comp Plan amendment.

In Favor of Orchard Station Subarea

Against Orchard Station Subarea

Freda Miklin

Dave Bullock

Leslie Schluter

Steve Moran

Darryl Jones

George Lantz

T.J. Gordon


Tom Bishop


The council members opposed to the Orchard Station Subarea do not believe that the amendment provides adequate protections to current residents regarding density, building height, traffic and maintaining the Village’s current balance of single-family (54%) vs. multi-family (46%) residences.

However, city council did honor its previous commitment to refer the amendment to the comprehensive plan to the voters and set a Special Election on the issue for June 6, 2017.

The Grand Compromise

Enjoy this short clip from former city council member Jerry Presley, while we wait for Monday’s city council meeting to see if city council reaches a compromise on the Orchard Station amendment to the Comprehensive Plan. 

At its March 6 meeting, city council delayed sending the issue to the voters, as it had previously agreed, in order to try and reach a compromise on the amendment. 

The Grand Compromise