VOTE NO on June 6: Orchard Station likely to Produce TWICE the traffic of Sold Out Pepsi Center Event; Leslie Schluter wrong on Traffic

In your mail this week, you likely received a couple of slick, glossy expensive pieces of propaganda from “Yes for Greenwood Village” regarding the June 6 special election on the proposed changes to Greenwood Village’s Comprehensive Plan, which sets forth Greenwood Village’s vision, goals and planning framework.  VOTING NO on June 6 maintains the existing comprehensive plan and vision for the Village.

Their mailings, website and full-page ads in the Villager claim that voting yes, “enables a 35-40% reversal of traffic congestion”.

Using traffic statistics from the Village’s traffic engineer, it is estimated that the 3.3 million square foot development plan (3-times the Size of Streets of Southglenn) that Alberta Development Partners submitted last summer could produce 34,000 VEHICLE TRIPS PER DAY (and that was only on 55% or 24 of the 44-acre development opportunity in the Subarea).  Most of these trips would be incremental, since the Marilyn Hickey Church and empty 13-acre lot in the proposed Subarea currently produce a limited amount of traffic.  This is over TWICE the amount of traffic from a sold out Nuggets or Avalanche game. Continue reading

WSJ: Brick and Mortar Stores are Shuttering at a Record Pace

The WSJ states that “Based on the pace so far (in 2017), the brokerage estimates retailers will close more than 8,600 locations this year, which would eclipse the number of closings during the 2008 recession.”

With 300,000 sqft of retail under development at Belleview Station, 170,000 sqft next door at The Landmark, The Jones District under development at Dry Creek, Park Meadows a short drive away, ever increasing competition from online sales and a restaurant industry that has struggled over the last year and a half; is there a chance that retail may already be overbuilt?

Do we need another 300,000 sqft of retail in Greenwood Village?  Continue reading