City Council punts Century’s Orchard Station application to December 4, after GV City Council Election

City council has kicked the Orchard Station can down the road to December 4. Waiting until after the new Greenwood Village City Council has been elected. 

Century came to tonight’s meeting trying to gain city council support, by offering to reduce the 189-unit high-density residential development by 10%. After some questions by city council Century further agreed to reduce the number of units by another 10-units to a total of 161-units. This is still 55% larger than its original 104-unit development. 

City council then closed the public hearing and met in Executive Session for over an hour to receive legal advice. 

When city council returned the decision was made to continue the application to December 4 when a new city council will be elected. It was stated that city council would have to reopen public comment, but since the city council will not have heard the new case, there is some speculation the process will need to start over. 

The concerns regarding compliance with the Comprehensive Plan (currently residential is highly discouraged around Orchard Station) were almost entirely ignored during the meeting. Dave Bullock raised the issue during his comments, but I don’t believe anyone else mentioned the issue. 

TJ Gordon recommended the delay until after the election. This means Mr. Gordon, Freda Miklin and Darryl Jones can all continue use their reelection campaigns without having to take a stance on another high density Orchard Station development. 

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