Final GV District 4 Seat Remains Undecided

Update 11/9/17: I misspoke on the recount below. I talked with the city this morning and it is based on 1/2 of 1% of the highest vote getter (I️ thought it was 1%). So the difference needs to be 3 or fewer votes for a recount.

There is still a chance the Vote difference will close between now and Nov 15.

Arapahoe County will update by 4 pm each day.

Twenty-four hours after the polls closed Tuesday night, the second City Council seat for District 4 in Greenwood Village remains undecided.

As of this morning Tom Dougherty held a 7 vote lead over current City Council Member TJ Gordon. Dougherty’s lead has now shrunk to 4 votes, 519 to 515.

According to the GV Municipal Code, an automatic recount occurs if someone doesn’t win by more than 1% of the highest number of votes in the district. Judy Hilton currently has 565 votes, so it appears that a recount is required if someone’s lead is less than 6 votes.

The city has five days to complete the recount, so we are unlikely to know the outcome until next week.

According to the Arapahoe County website, election results will not be certified and final until late November.

Here is a link to the Arapahoe County Election returns: Arapahoe County Election Results< img src=”; height=”579″ class=”wp-image-1061″ width=”1229″>

Challengers upset GV City Council Incumbents

Update: 12:05 am – D4 Candidates Judy Hilton (563 votes), Tom Dougherty (519 votes) and TJ Gordon (512 votes)

Update : 11:05 pm – Judy Hilton maintains her lead over 3rd place candidate TJ Gordon by 50 votes. However, Gordon has narrowed his deficit to only 8 votes behind Tom Daugherty. 

It is a great night for those looking to restore trust in Greenwood Village City Council. (Results are as of the last update at 8:06 pm)

District 1 re-elected Councilman Dave Bullock with 44% of the D1 vote. Jerry Presley was elected with 36%. Incumbent Freda Miklin with just under 20% of the vote will not be re-elected. 

District 2 elected Anne Ingebretsen and Dave Kerber, each with about 30% of the D2 vote.  Darryl Jones was not re-elected (19%). Seanna Mulligan received 16% and Henry Siegel received 5% of the votes. 

George Lantz and Steve Moran were both re-elected after running unopposed in D3. 

District 4 was the tightest race with Judith Hilton receiving 32% and Tom Dougherty receiving 30%. D4 incumbent TJ Gordon is currently in 3rd place and only 22 votes behind Dougherty with 29% of the votes. Jeff Kahn has about 10% of the votes. 

Tom Bishop (D4) and Leslie Schluter (D2) decided against running for re-election. 

Bishop, Schluter, Miklin, Jones and Gordon all voted in favor of the Orchard Station Subarea. On June 6, 76% of voters voted against the proposed high-density Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) amendment to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan. 

GV Council Members question intelligence of Electorate

orchard-station-mapCouncil members Tom Bishop and Leslie Schluter clearly remain angered by the results of the June 6 Orchard Station Special Election.  Four Villager articles published over the last week on Bishop and Schluter strongly state their opinions on Orchard Station and undermine the considerable intelligence of GV voters and the 76% who voted against the Subarea.

Schluter and Bishop, along with Freda Miklin, Darryl Jones and TJ Gordon all VOTED TO ADOPT the Orchard Station Subarea on March 20, 2017 despite knowing that citizens were strongly opposed to the Amendment.  They did not care about legitimate concerns residents had regarding traffic, density, views and schools.

In one article, Tom Bishop states, “In my opinion, we are now left with a misinformed and therefore misguided majority of electorate who are asking their council representatives to lead in ways that will be counterproductive to both their and our city’s interests.” Continue reading