Challengers upset GV City Council Incumbents

Update: 12:05 am – D4 Candidates Judy Hilton (563 votes), Tom Dougherty (519 votes) and TJ Gordon (512 votes)

Update : 11:05 pm – Judy Hilton maintains her lead over 3rd place candidate TJ Gordon by 50 votes. However, Gordon has narrowed his deficit to only 8 votes behind Tom Daugherty. 

It is a great night for those looking to restore trust in Greenwood Village City Council. (Results are as of the last update at 8:06 pm)

District 1 re-elected Councilman Dave Bullock with 44% of the D1 vote. Jerry Presley was elected with 36%. Incumbent Freda Miklin with just under 20% of the vote will not be re-elected. 

District 2 elected Anne Ingebretsen and Dave Kerber, each with about 30% of the D2 vote.  Darryl Jones was not re-elected (19%). Seanna Mulligan received 16% and Henry Siegel received 5% of the votes. 

George Lantz and Steve Moran were both re-elected after running unopposed in D3. 

District 4 was the tightest race with Judith Hilton receiving 32% and Tom Dougherty receiving 30%. D4 incumbent TJ Gordon is currently in 3rd place and only 22 votes behind Dougherty with 29% of the votes. Jeff Kahn has about 10% of the votes. 

Tom Bishop (D4) and Leslie Schluter (D2) decided against running for re-election. 

Bishop, Schluter, Miklin, Jones and Gordon all voted in favor of the Orchard Station Subarea. On June 6, 76% of voters voted against the proposed high-density Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) amendment to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan. 

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