Final GV District 4 Seat Remains Undecided

Update 11/9/17: I misspoke on the recount below. I talked with the city this morning and it is based on 1/2 of 1% of the highest vote getter (I️ thought it was 1%). So the difference needs to be 3 or fewer votes for a recount.

There is still a chance the Vote difference will close between now and Nov 15.

Arapahoe County will update by 4 pm each day.

Twenty-four hours after the polls closed Tuesday night, the second City Council seat for District 4 in Greenwood Village remains undecided.

As of this morning Tom Dougherty held a 7 vote lead over current City Council Member TJ Gordon. Dougherty’s lead has now shrunk to 4 votes, 519 to 515.

According to the GV Municipal Code, an automatic recount occurs if someone doesn’t win by more than 1% of the highest number of votes in the district. Judy Hilton currently has 565 votes, so it appears that a recount is required if someone’s lead is less than 6 votes.

The city has five days to complete the recount, so we are unlikely to know the outcome until next week.

According to the Arapahoe County website, election results will not be certified and final until late November.

Here is a link to the Arapahoe County Election returns: Arapahoe County Election Results< img src=”; height=”579″ class=”wp-image-1061″ width=”1229″>

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