The Sundance Hills Metropolitan District wants to put a Cell Tower on the Sundance Hills Clubhouse

The July 15, 2019 Greenwood Village City Council agenda recently revealed the application by Verizon Wireless to build a 10-foot tall cupola to house cell phone antennas on top of the neighborhood’s pool and tennis clubhouse, commonly known as the Sailfish Room.

In addition to the rooftop cupola, Verizon is proposing equipment cabinets to be housed at the end of the pool parking lot.

The Verizon application was originally submitted in June 2018 and Verizon began discussions with the Sundance Hills Metropolitan District (“SHMD”) Board in the first quarter of 2017.  The special district owns the pool, clubhouse and tennis courts and was originally organized to provide landscaping to the neighborhood and later to acquire the pool and related facilities from the developer.

Residents have many concerns about the proposed cell tower and what is being viewed as a complete lack of neighborhood input leading up to SHMD’s authorization of the agreement.  The lease agreement between SHMD and Verizon allows for Verizon to automatically renew the agreement for up to 25-years, with little ability for SHMD to exit the lease.

Approximately, 50 residents attended a special Sundance Hills HOA meeting tonight (June 30, 2019), not one person spoke in favor of the proposed cell phone tower.  The SHMD Board was invited to attend, but declined the invitation.  Some of the concerns expressed include:

  • Health and safety (RF emissions*, generators, lightning and proximity to the pool);
  • Impact on Sundance Hills property values;
  • Impact on the pool and related facilities;
  • Height, aesthetics and visual impact of an additional 10-foot structure on top of the club house – total building height is now proposed to be 36.5 feet at the top of the cupola. This is 40% higher than the maximum allowable height of 26 feet in a R-0.25 zoned district (GV Municipal code section 16-11-60 and zoning map);
  • Adequacy of the lease to protect Sundance Hills’ interests.

Residents concerned about the proposed cell phone tower are urged to reach out to the following contacts prior to the July 15 city council meeting:

  • Sarah Shepherd, SHMD District Manager and CEO of Circuit Rider of Colorado – (ask Sarah to forward your comments to the SHMD Board)
  • George Lantz, City Council, District 3, Mayor Pro-Tem –
  • Steve Moran, City Council, District 3 –
  • Susan Ortiz, GV City Clerk –

The SHMD Board members include:

  • Mark Adams, President
  • Amy Fehr
  • Kelly Kelly
  • Erin Kindy
  • Stacie Sarsfield

* Due to FCC regulations, City Council will be unable on July 15 to consider testimony related to the potential health risks related to the close proximity of the pool and adjacent residences to the cell phone towers.  However, the SHMD Board should have considered and discussed with residents the potential for unknown long-term risks prior to its decision.  This issue is still highly debated around the world.