Sundance Hills Verizon Application to be decided at Monday’s City Council Meeting

If you live in Greenwood Village, please attend Monday’s City Council Meeting (July 15 at 6:00 pm at City Hall) or write City Council to oppose a proposed Verizon cell tower (with 4-6 antennas) on top of the Sundance Hills pool house.

The Sundance Hills HOA opposes this application and Sundance Hills residents are strongly opposed to this as demonstrated by large attendance and vocal opposition at two recent neighborhood meetings. However, the Sundance Hills Metropolitan District’s Board chose to enter into a 25-year lease with Verizon without seeking ANY neighborhood input (SHMD is a special district that owns the pool and facilities).

The proposal is a 10-foot addition to the club’s rooftop, which is ALREADY at the maximum 26-foot height limit allowed under current zoning. This will impact many homes situated immediately around the pool and these neighbors were completely left out of the process.

Verizon’s 10-foot proposal also exceeds a 7-foot limit for building-mounted telecommunications facilities and further seeks to build a large new equipment enclosure at the end of the parking lot that will be an eyesore to neighbors and include a new transformer in close proximity to the swimming pool.

Under FCC rules, City Council CANNOT consider concerns about RF emissions. City Council can only consider impacts related to “height and aesthetics”.

The city recently adopted a master plan (April 2019) and predefined design standards and guidelines to allow cell phone providers to leverage approximately 800 existing poles (traffic and street lights) to encourage the build out of 5G networks throughout the city. The city has done this thoughtfully and with the intent of keeping the providers out of residential neighborhoods, while still providing ample options for expanding cell phone coverage. The Sundance Hills application defies that intent and would allow the tower to be placed in the middle of the neighborhood. Surprisingly, Verizon acknowledged Thursday night that it won’t even cover the entire neighborhood.

This is important to all GV residents, because if approved, it will create a terrible precedent and undermine our current zoning laws and impact property values.

Please attend Monday night and oppose this application and/or write to City Council.

  • Ron Rakowsky –
  • George Lantz –
  • Steve Moran –
  • Dave Bullock –
  • Jerry Presley –
  • Anne Ingebretsen –
  • David Kerber –
  • Judy Hilton –
  • Tom Dougherty –
  • Susan Ortiz (City Clerk) –

The agenda with links to attachments can be found here:

Thank you for your help – Randy

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