I grew up in Greenwood Village and my wife and I moved back in 2010 to raise our family. The city offers an incredible quality of life, great schools, parks and trails, convenient access to the Denver metro area and is supported by an exceptional level of city services. There is no other place I would rather live.

There is no doubt that the city and surrounding communities have changed substantially since my parents moved to the Village nearly 40-years ago. However, the growth over that period of time has outgrown the existing infrastructure. My fear is that substantial new growth may completely overwhelm the traffic and other infrastructure, impact city services, burden schools and negatively impact the overall quality of life.

I understand that people will have differences of opinion on what the future of Greenwood Village should look like and that the current real estate environment is creating significant opportunities for new real estate developments. However, I would like to see the city maintain its roots as a “village” and a small community with common interests, high quality of life and exceptional services across its neighborhoods.

The goal of this blog is to help keep residents informed of current and future development proposals. My goal is to increase visibility into how these projects may impact the Village and help people have a voice in the Planning and Zoning process.

I hope you find the posts on this site useful and I appreciate your respectful input and comments. Thank you for reading.

Randy Davis