Sundance Hills Cell Tower Docs

This page provides a list of useful documents related to the proposed cell tower at the Sundance Hills pool.

Verizon Telecom App – Sundance Hills – 06/11/2018

  • Telecommunication application submitted by Verizon to the City of Greenwood Village to locate antennas and equipment cabinets at the Sundance Hills pool (5626 S. Galena Street).

Lease Agreement between Sundance Hills Metropolitan District (“SHMD”) and Verizon Wireless (partially executed by SHMD on September XX, 2018)

  • Term – 5 years, plus 4-additional 5-year terms

Sundance Hills Metropolitan District Service Plan (original – dated February 1979)

  • The Sundance Hills Metropolitan District was originally formed, “For the purpose of installing and maintaining landscaping on the perimeter areas of the Sundance Hills Subdivision“.
  • The service plan was later amended (see Amended Service Plan) to “include the acquisition of an existing swimming and tennis complex, together with related clubhouse and other recreational facilities“.

“When a special district is created, they are required to submit a service plan that outlines the services that the district will provide. The service plan also provides a financial plan for the procurement of land and facilities that may be necessary to provide the district services. ” Special District Administration,